February Playlist: Heart Beats

Listening to music is one of the most powerful health-promoting behaviors you do to alter your mood and cope with negative emotions. Inspiration from music can spark actions that shift and shape our lives toward health and happiness for a lifetime. I decided to create the All Great Nutrition Monthly Playlist series to inspire and empower positive mental and behavioral health through the power of music. 

The first installment in my energy and mood boosting playlists comes from someone very special! In celebration of Valentine's Day, I've enlisted my love (and grammy-nominated music producer) !llmind to curate the first All Great Nutrition Playlist: Heart Beats.

Inspiration for February's Mood Boosting Playlist

"Valentine's Day is a special day. It's about love. Appreciation for life and the people you care about. I wanted to partner with All Great Nutrition to create a playlist of different flavors. A variety of vibes and moods. Play this in the car with the windows down on the way picking up your boo, or after dinner back at the crib with a bottle of the finest red wine. Oh yeah, it's great in the bedroom too! Let's get in the mood and feel GREAT today! (Warning: This playlist may or may not be responsible for increasing the amount of 2016 Scorpio babies)" - !llmind

This Valentine's Day give yourself the gift of unconditional self-love and start making self-care a non-negotiable priority in your life. You can practice self care by simply listening to music or going for a walk when you are stressed instead of overeating or beating yourself up. Sign up for my Free Introductory Consultation HERE to learn more about the benefits of working with someone to help you reach your goals and live a healthy and happy life.

What are some of your favorite love-inspired beats? Share your self-love and romance-inspired favorites in the comment section!

XO Tamar

Author: Tamar Samuels MS, RDN, CDN

Tamar Samuels is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and the founder of All Great Nutrition, an unconventional nutrition and health coaching service for anyone who wants to transform their lives to become their happiest and healthiest self. Tamar's nutrition and health coaching program helps you develop sustainable self-care behaviors that nourish your body and mind for a lifetime. Through her personalized and holistic approach, you will finally achieve your greatest wellness goals...on your terms! When she's not working with awesome people like you, she loves lounging in her Brooklyn, New York apartment with her lazy dog Shiloh. 

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