Why Self Care is Important for Creativity


I had so much fun chatting with some of my favorite people from the music industry (including my hubby !llmind) on Blap Chat about why self care is important for creativity and success.

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From !llmind - "One thing we all strive for as music producers and creators is to become successful doing what we love. That's a fact. To connect with likeminded people, live life in abundance and inspire people through the music we create is a dream we are all after. One factor we so often neglect during our journey is health. I'm talking about mental, physical and biological wellness. The food we eat directly affects our ability to create music and live life. So why do we torture ourselves by eating fast food and sodas high in sugar, all while getting no sleep. We think we need to "grind hard", yet we are torturing ourselves in the process, which ends up being counter-productive. In this episode we spoke to a professional about the truths regarding the matter. She's a Registered Dietition & Health Coach, running her own company called "All Great Nutrition" (she is also !llmind's fiance' *blush*). Her name is Tamar Samuels. We spoke about why the food we eat directly affects our ability to be creative and productive, and discussed simple solutions and lifestyle changes to help be our best selves. I guarantee you'll feel energized after listening to this episode. Enjoy and make sure you check out her company http://www.allgreatnutrition.com."

XO Tamar