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I believe that...

Everyone deserves to feel healthy, happy, and fulfilled. But it's a huge challenge for so many of us to consistently practice self care. The demands of everyday life make it so difficult to prioritize healthy eating and regular exercise. The overwhelming and contradictory health info on the internet makes getting healthy super confusing. But the biggest challenge is usually within - self sabotage, not believing in ourselves, letting our bad habits get the best of us.

This is exactly why it's more important than ever to approach healthcare from a holistic and personalized perspective. Each of us has a unique blueprint of self-care that works for our own body, mind and lifestyle. My coaching program helps you discover your blueprint for self care, and start implementing it and practice that blueprint so you can take back control of your health and end destructive habits that leave you feeling powerless about your health.  I'm here to help you learn to listen to and honor your body's needs, instead of self sabotaging and emotional eating. Let go of self destructive habits and start practicing self care. Start celebrating your body instead of criticizing it. Make lifestyle changes and get results that last. Work with me to take back control of your wellbeing and live the life you know you deserve!




  • Compulsive Overeating
  • Emotional Eating
  • Stress Eating
  • Binge Eating
  • Stress Management


  • Sustainable Weight Loss
  • Insulin Resistance
  • Pre-diabetes
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome/PCOS



Intensive behavioral therapy is one of the most effective treatments for preventing and managing obesity, chronic disease, and depression/anxiety. The behavior-change approach focuses on building motivation, confidence and self-efficacy to inspire long-term health behaviors that nourish the body and mind. My approach focuses on:

  • Addressing positive changes in all areas of wellness, including weight management, nutrition, physical activity, disease management, sleep and stress management, mental health, and life satisfaction.
  • Building your confidence, self-efficacy, and positivity by emphasizing your strengths and opportunities instead of your problems.
  • Increasing your motivation to make change by clarifying your values, tapping into your innate fighting spirit, and uncovering your natural impulse to be well.
  • Practicing mindfulness to achieve mental clarity and peace, and to discover your own answers to questions.



My coaching program is a completely personalized process, but generally includes the following process:

  1. You provide your coach with background information via an initial questionnaire so she is well-informed of your past and present physical, mental, and overall wellness. The initial questionnaire is an invaluable opportunity for you to explore and clarify your goals for nutrition and health coaching. 
  2. During your first 60 - 75 minute coaching session you will collaborate with your coach to identify your health and wellness goals and develop a personal Wellness Vision and Plan for achieving it.
  3. In subsequent 45 minute coaching sessions, you will collaborate with your coach to review your goals, explore and resolve your challenges, create new opportunities to grow and build on your strengths, and set new goals for your next session.

In three-months time, you can expect to have achieved most of your goals and have an entirely new outlook on what you need to be your best self. 



Are you ready for to a complete lifestyle transformation? Manifest your best self and learn the best eating, exercise, and self care routines that work for your body and lifestyle. Achieve those difficult health goals and learn how to maintain your results. Take back control of your behaviors and end destructive health habits. Learn how to balance your life to include more self care, self love, and do the things that make you happiest in life. 


Get the knowledge and support you need to develop a solid foundation of health and well-being. Recharge your health and practice the essential nutrition, fitness, and self care behaviors your body needs to thrive on a regular basis. Three months is just enough time to change your habits and start seeing tangible results in your health. Achieve your short-term goals, recharge your confidence, and tap into your greatness. 


Got an important nutrition or wellness question that requires personalized expert advice? I offer individual sessions for anyone who is looking for personalized nutrition and coaching guidelines for healthy lifestyle and behavior change, dietary supplement recommendations, meal planning, disease management or prevention, and any other wellness concern you may have.


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