My Story.

Hi! I'm Tamar...I'm a born-and-bred New Yorker with a big passion for helping people tap into their greatness by practicing self care. Like you, I've felt totally helpless about my health, uncomfortable in my skin, and pissed of at food! 

In  college, I started restricting my diet to manage food sensitivities, IBS and frequent yeast infections. My intentions were good, but managing my complicated health problems on my own led me down a path of being confused and overly restrictive about my diet. I was constantly thinking about food, criticizing my body, and feeling frustrated about my health. It was physically and emotionally exhausting! 

Fed up with the constant ups and downs with my health, I decided to commit and invest in my health in a way that I never have before. I began a life-changing journey to heal my relationship with food, my body and my health, and found my passion for nutrition and behavioral health along the way. I invested time and money into trust-worthy professionals in all areas of my wellbeing. I realized the solution to my health problems was not finding the right medication or going on the right diet. It was doing the work to reframe my body image, learn how to manage stress in a healthy way without overeating and emotional eating, doing more things that bring me joy, eating and exercising in a way that supports my needs, following the right supplement routine to balance my health, and practicing mindfulness everyday!

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