Is sugar causing your breakouts

An overabundance of sweets is often called a prerequisite for the development of acne. Acne from sugar is the result of an increased glucose content in the body. Surpluses that are not processed into energy have a negative effect on many processes, including the condition of the skin.

Sugar: benefits and harm to the skin

Sweet sand has both harmful and beneficial properties for the skin. It all depends on how to use the product and in what quantities. The positive effect of sugar is manifested when it is used as a cosmetic.

Sugar and its harm to the skin of the face

It is expressed in:

  • Restoring the functionality of collagen fibers;
  • Improving the definition of the oval face;
  • Smoothing out the wrinkles that have appeared;
  • Removal of toxins, dead cells, dirt particles;
  • Moisturizing the dermis;
  • Narrowing of pores;
  • Regulation of the secretory glands;
  • Elimination of inflamed acne elements;
  • Giving the skin a healthy shade.

The negative effect is the following action of refined sugar and granulated sugar:

  • A significant amount of the product causes irreversible reactions of the skin, leading to the formation of early wrinkles;
  • The structure is damaged and the flexibility of protein fibers is lost;
  • The susceptibility to the influence of polluted air, temperature changes, wind and sun increases;
  • The hormonal status is disturbed, the change of which is reflected in the skin;
  • Refined oil contributes to the rapid depletion of natural energy reserves;
  • The natural immune defense is reduced, and the body is not able to resist pathogenic microorganisms that cause inflamed pimples;
  • An overabundance provokes dysbiosis, which is a common cause of acne;
  • Rapid dehydration of the skin begins, as a result of which it exudes;
  • There is a metabolic disorder, due to which toxins are delayed in the body, and there is a shortage of nutrients. The dermis acquires a loose, pasty appearance.

Does sugar affect acne?

The 2 main reasons why acne occurs from sugar on the face are an increase in the level of insulin in the blood and increased production of androgens.

Insulin negatively affects the skin as a result of the following reactions in the body:

  • Exceeding the critical mark in the consumption of sweets forces the pancreas to work at “maximum speed”;
  • This leads to a significant amount of insulin produced;
  • The hormone responsible for glucose processing is also involved in regulating the functionality of the sebaceous glands;
  • Active production of sebum begins;
  • It does not have time to be excreted through the pores, which are clogged with a secret with the addition of dirt and dead epithelial particles;
  • Black dots or closed comedones are formed.

Also, acne appears from sugar for reasons of increased androgen synthesis. The mechanism of action is as follows:

  • In the female body, male sex hormones are present, but in small quantities;
  • Glucose activates the process of androgen production, causing an overabundance of androgens;
  • This factor contributes to the enhanced synthesis of sebum and causes disorders of carbohydrate metabolism;
  • The natural result is a significant number of rashes on the skin.

It’s easy to determine that acne is caused by sugar. The first to suffer are the legs, which are covered with a scattering of small elements. It is also important to know that this product is one of the causes of the formation of cystic acne, an extremely unpleasant and painful form of pathology.

People suffering from diabetes are at risk. They may have pimples from blood sugar. Constantly high glucose levels provoke deterioration of the skin, which is why one of the visible symptoms of the disease is the presence of rashes and inflammation on the face and body.

Will a complete rejection of sugar help?

According to many dermatologists, with already existing rashes from sweets, a radical solution is a complete rejection of sweets, which will help restore the normal course of many processes in the body.

However, despite the fact that sugar affects acne, causing them and aggravating the condition of those who have formed, this product also has a number of positive properties for the body if consumed in reasonable quantities.

Therefore, the complete exclusion of sweets leads to an aggravation of the negative psychological state: some products help stimulate brain activity, fight fatigue and depression, and get an additional amount of happiness hormones.

In order to keep the emotional background normal and at the same time get rid of acne and ulcers, sugar in its pure form should be excluded, however, it must be remembered that glucose is contained in many products.

The best solution to fight acne:

  • Remove chocolate and other desserts from the diet gradually;
  • Replace purchased juices with freshly squeezed ones or just eat fruits;
  • If necessary, in chocolate, as a stimulant of mental activity, choose only the black variety produced from high-quality raw materials.;
  • Balance the daily menu in such a way that minerals and vitamins that are most useful for the skin get into the body.
Is sugar causing your breakouts

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