KetoGo Legit? – The Truth Exposed!

Keto diets have recently become very popular. Famous people and their experience of successful use of the ketogenic diet prompted people suffering from excess weight to take to this one. There are many variants for keto diets, and people choose the most suitable depending on the goals and needs of their bodies.

For example KetoGo, there is a targeted ketogenic diet instead of the classic version of a keto diet. It was designed for bodybuilding enthusiasts. Or, let us say, a diet with a high protein content that requires a successive transition to a traditional low-carb diet. We also know about the existence of the lazy keto diet, which is used in medical institutions. This alternative limits the number of carbohydrates to only 12 ounces per day.

Any ketogenic diet is based on ketosis. Ketosis is a natural process ongoing in the body system when it burns fats and produces energy instead of carbohydrates. But in its effortless form, this is a pretty long-term action, so people use diets for quick results. The fact is that the body prefers to burn carbohydrates because it is the most approachable source of energy for it. The diet requires a diet change and carbohydrates-rich food replaced by food saturated with fats. Indeed, the basis of the diet, in this case, is fats and carbohydrates. They are reduced to a minimum (about 5% is allowed).

The main principle is the isolation of ketones from fats which replace carbohydrates. And the generated energy affects the nutrition of every cell in the body. As a result, the organism uses fats to produce energy. And alongside this, it begins to feed on the layers of fat that surround the body. And that explains the paradox when people eat food saturated with fats while working off one’s excess weight and become slimmer at the same time.

But the most tricky thing in the keto diet is planning the nutrition correctly because, in this case, ketone bodies obtain from food. The planning of special-purpose recipes is complicated on time-consuming, on calculating the nutrition essential for the body. And thus, the diet makes you get the jitter because you should not harm your body by counting calories and the consumed amounts of macro-and microelements. Aside from that, if a person is prone to overweight and quickly gains initial pounds after losing weight, keeping to this diet will require plenty of strong will and patience.

These circumstances can also unnerve, making you very tired. The idea of keeping to this restricted diet for life not only looks quite depressing but also can be harmful as a constant diet due to the limited carbohydrate intake. Of course, you can use, for example, a cyclical keto diet, which implies it’s interrupting for one or two days to start metabolism, but it is not suitable for everyone. Athletes often use this one. And, of course, we are not talking about the exclusion of junk food but products that are saturated with healthy carbohydrates and fats.

Because of this problem, people use ready meals that abide by all the nutrition requirements of the keto diet, and people do not have to cook healthy food anymore. But this way out is not suitable for every person because of its low availability, the question of cost.

And thus, it turns out that fat is not an unwanted product of our organism but also a kind of fuel for the body. Therefore, in a state of ketosis, you should receive an additional burst of energy, your mind becomes more agile, and most importantly, a faster weight loss is ensured. But this is how it should be so. In practice, people often face exhausting workouts, after which there is no energy left. Or their diets are harmful to health since they are not balanced. Thus, the keto diet is quite complex and dubious for use in the long term. But you should not distress ahead of time about the inability to fall into ketose because there is still a way out. Keto Go dietary supplement helps achieve ketosis much faster and burns real harmful fat that stimulates the production of extra pounds. So, let’s learn more about this supplement.

What kind of supplement is this?

Keto Go is a natural dietary supplement used by people struggling with extra body fat. It advantageously combines high-quality ingredients, researched for their benefits and safety for health and weight loss, and rigorous requirements for the quality of production. Now you can get the necessary nutrients not only from food but from pills. Health care experts believe, of course, that it is practically impossible to replace a natural product with ketone bodies that are generated from food additions. But the method may be much more convenient and affordable. More so, everything is produced on an organic basis, which gives advantages to safety and efficiency. Keto Go supplement is a source of ketones for the body.

When a certain amount of them is reached, the body switches to burning fats instead of carbohydrates, with the energy release. Ketones do not have a cumulative quality, unlike fats, and their primary function is to preserve the ketosis process. As energy increases in the body, a person becomes more active, immunity is strengthened, and the risks of obesity decrease. Ketones are extracted from natural sources, which enhances their value, and the number of ketone bodies is enough for the body to start ketosis and stay in this state for a prolonged period. Thus, the KetoGo supplement induces natural ketosis and stimulates the body to autonomous weight loss.

The additive is made in the USA. Keto Go was tested by several scientific laboratories and certified by Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). That is the highest standard in the manufacture of food additives. The supplement is not subjected to heat treatment. That renders it possible to preserve healthy substances most of it. It is available in the form of capsules, a convenient format for intake. Each bottle is well packed to prevent itself from the ingress of moisture and other substances and holds 60 capsules. The ingest is quite simple — you need to take two pills every day (one in the morning and one in the evening) with plenty of water.

For an enhanced effect, it is advised to take keto food. In addition, the formula is based on the 2000-calorie diet, so, to lose weight effectively, you need to be within these ranges. In addition, it is recommended to avoid junk food and reduce the consumption of sugar and alcohol as these products are sources of simple carbohydrates. Such measures do not affect the side effects in any way, but they can make the results of weight loss more noticeable and make it more long-lasting. So if you do not need to lose weight urgently, then it is not necessary to make changes to your diet. However, certain adjustments can speed up the process of burning the subcutaneous fat layer. Furthermore, taking pills can make it easier to follow a keto diet.

What is the Keto Go composition?

The formula of these pills is wholly natural and contains no hidden and suspicious ingredients that don’t fulfill the safety requirements. The Keto Go supplement contains two patented mixes:

  • BHB proprietary blend;
  • Detox proprietary blend.

The detoxification mixture is a selected proprietary blend of herbal ingredients. And the exact, detailed amount, dosage, and energy value of each constituent are not indicated. We can’t know about it, as it is connected with the problem of confidentiality and secrecy of the recipe. The risk of counterfeiting the product increases with the publication of the thorough formula. Remember that fakes are also not safe. They may contain the wrong amount of natural ingredients, which, if overdosed, may be toxic and harmful for the body. Therefore, this move of the manufacturer is quite cautious and rational. On the contrary, we have the opportunity to learn much more about the content of the BHB mixture since this information is necessary to know for the safety of our body, as the BHB ketones are saturated with various salts and minerals essential for our body, of course, within reasonable limits. We will study the blend in more detail further.

BHB proprietary blend (which contains 800mg per capsule), as mentioned above, is a complex of mineral salts and BHB ketones (Beta-hydroxybutyrate BHB or

beta-hydroxybutyric acid) which enriches the body with nutrients and energy.

The main components are:

  • potassium (112 mg);
  • calcium (66mg);
  • sodium (75 mg).

Exogenous BHB ketones induce a state of controlled ketosis in the body. The ketone bodies are distinguished by their synthesizing in the organism independently after absorbing natural ingredients from food, and in this case, from the food supplement. And minerals and salts help maintain electrolyte balance and prevent ketone overbalance, which leads to negative results.

Detox proprietary blend (contains 300mg in capsule) is a mix of natural ingredients that consist of plant extracts. These components help improve the functions of ketones, rid the body of toxins and reduce inflammation. The main constituents are:

  • Green coffee bean extract is a natural antioxidant. It is based on chlorogenic acid, which lowers blood sugar, regulates blood pressure. It also reduces the amount of LDL (low-density lipoprotein), which is the source of harmful cholesterol in the body, increases fat burning. The extract has an anabiotic action and sustains vital energy but doesn’t cause stress due to the low content of caffeine).
  • Garcinia Cambogia extract (or brindle berry) contains hydroxy citric acid, which secretes an enzyme — ATP citrate lyase, and is involved in the fat production from carbohydrates. In addition, the extract increases serotonin levels, which means it helps suppress appetite, reduces the amount of LDL, has a fat-burning effect, and stimulates muscle mass building.
  • Black pepper extract, the base of which is active alkaloid piperine. This substance improves the absorption of nutrients, regulates the cardiovascular system, suppresses inflammatory processes, increases the secretory function of the stomach, protects the liver, and is of antioxidant properties according to removing toxins through the urinary system. This one also enhances fat burning through active perspiration.

Among other things, the blend additionally includes healthy chemical compounds of natural origin. Here they are:

  • Niacin is nothing but nicotinic acid or vitamin B3, or vitamin PP, an essential nutrient for the body. This element reduces harmful cholesterol, prevents pellagra, dilates blood vessels, has a tonic effect, increases immunity, improves appearance, and has a detoxifying effect.
  • MCTs powder (Medium-Chain Triglycerides)This chemical combination has specific and surprising properties. MCTs differ from standard vegetable and animal fats since their carbon chain is much shorter. Therefore their transformation is faster in the organism (they process like carbohydrates), and delivery of nutrition to the body cells is direct, without being stored in subcutaneous fat. Due to this, the metabolism and burning calories process become faster, so it saves muscle energy. When MCTs combine with carbohydrates, the effect of aerobic exercises enhances.
  • Raspberry ketone is a natural phenolic substance with antioxidant properties. These ketones regulate insulin sensitivity levels and control blood sugar. This one also affects the process of lipolytic digestion, controls the appetite, optimizes metabolism. In addition, the food additive gives the pills a pleasant taste and flavor.


  • The process of metabolism accelerates, and according to this fact, fat burning becomes faster, even in problem areas of your body.
  • Keto Go provides natural weight loss.
  • BHB ketones increase mental abilities. They are also beneficial for brain nutrition.
  • When your fats burn, you get extra energy naturally, not only from simple carbohydrates.
  • The energy is saved, so the body is not so tired. Energy reserves increase as it doesn’t waste it idly, and as a result, you are not weary mentally and emotionally.
  • Permanent and fast muscle recovery after physical activity helps to keep muscle mass.
  • Appetite regulation and eating behavior control are provided because the feeling of hunger decreases.
  • Provides a state of ketosis, so it enhances the effect of the keto diet. Keto Go also helps people who are not helped on or contraindicated with other dietary plans or specific active physical exercises (exercises).
  • Keto Go consists entirely of natural and organic ingredients of the highest quality and doesn’t contain harmful synthetic compounds or chemicals.
  • The first results of weight loss are visible after the first week (up to five pounds).
  • Gluten-free.
  • Low level of caffeine in the pills, so you can avoid overanxiety.
  • You get beneficial money spending in comparison with other methods of weight loss.
  • Almost a month’s money-back guarantee.

Does Keto Go supplement suits you?

The food supplement is ideally well for:

  • Any gender;
  • People over the age of 18;
  • Using as a food additive to the keto diet or even instead of it.

Medical contraindication

The Keto Go supplement is contraindicated for use by children because childhood obesity and the process of weight excess for kids differ in quality from adults obesity problem. That can be dangerous for the child’s organism since the treatment regimen is different and runs according to another strategy. Thus, the situation can only be worse.

Warnings and side-effects

Even though the product is wholly natural and safe, the supplement’s efficiency depends on individual reactions, and the results may vary because of this fact. Also, you do not know how your body can react to a new food addition since the effect depends on many factors, for example, body type, lifestyle, daily routine, and initial weight. Therefore, be careful, and before you start taking Keto Go weight loss pills, or go on a keto diet, consult your doctor or nutritionist to make sure that this method is safe for you, especially in the following cases :

  • You are taking any medications on an ongoing basis;
  • You are allergic, or you had bad allergic reactions in the past;
  • If you are allergic to any natural ingredient, you should read the list of ingredients in advance;
  • You have problems with the gastrointestinal tract or with the excretory system;
  • If there are any problems with the liver or kidneys;
  • Pregnant or nursing mothers;
  • Surgical intervention.

The Keto Go food addition has not passed FDA control, because according to the Food and Drug Administration, dietary supplements are not subject to regulation or approval by this organization. So, if you see this information on the package, this one is a scam of a high probability.

This product is not for the diagnosis, treatment, or prevention of any diseases.

The supplement can’t serve as an alternative for qualified medical care, treatment, and professional consultation of a physician, nutritional specialist, or other health care expert.

If you notice any side effects, it is necessary to stop taking Keto Go pills.


Not so many people share the results of keto diets, as they often require more time and stamina, or their effect is not prolonged. But in any case, these methods are not simple and require some effort, time, and money. Keto Go supplement is quite popular, especially in the USA, the UK, Australia, Canada. Although there are no clinically proven results of losing weight from the complex supplement, many clients note positive results.

So to check if it works for you, you need to try this one. Most Keto Go customers say that this food addition helps to cope with the conditions of the keto diet effectively. People amplify their stamina and vitality, and torment fatigue vanishes on short notice. And some people register the loss of about 10% of excess fat within four months. In general, you can notice the result of Keto Go just in the first month of use. Other customers see visible results after 1-6 months. People also note that the Keto Go supplement helps to preserve the effect of the keto diet.

Where to buy KetoGo, and what’s the price?

If you choose between a specific ready-made keto food or a pass to a gym, and a Keto Go supplement, the latter is much more profitable for your finances.

You need to go to the official Keto Go website (, fill out a simple order form and make a payment. The product is not sold in retail stores, so to prevent fraudulent schemes, order only from the official website and check the integrity of the packaging before using.

And of course, you may ask, “How much KetoGo should I order?”. And here are the answers to this question.

There are 60 capsules in each bottle. So they will be enough for one month. Therefore, if you have a little extra weight, one bottle will be good. The cost is $69.99 for one bottle. But if you mean to lose a lot of weight or want to have a constant supply of pills, it would be better to buy three bottles at once ($49.30 for each bottle) or even five bottles ($39.74 per bottle). This option will be much more profitable. In addition, regular discounts, benefits, special offers are in the online store. For example, if you buy two bottles, you will get one gratis. Also, you can get a free trial Keto Go bottle.

Moreover, the company operates the refund policy within 30 days. If the results  don’t satisfy you, or they don’t come up to expectations, or simply don’t suit your liking, you can try the product and return it to the company. The manufacturer believes that the period of 30 days will be enough to test the supplement in conjunction with the keto diet or to observe the body’s reaction. Consequently, the company does not return the funds after this period. You can return both as one bottle and several ones.

The Keto Go supplement is delivered all over the world. Delivery in the USA is usually made within five days.


To find out more information about the return policy, order, filing any complaints, look for information on the official website or call 855-664-0768.

KetoGo Legit? – The Truth Exposed!

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