LeptiSense Reviews: Lbs Loss with Proper Endocrine Profile

Based on LeptiSense name, you’ve probably figured out that the supplement is connected to leptin, a hormone whose tasks include controlling appetite and sending a signal of satiety. It affects fat metabolism and reproductive function in our body, is produced by adipose tissue and indirectly also signals whether we have enough fat reserves to maintain health. Lack of leptin, like too much leptin, almost invariably leads to obesity and a number of other serious health problems.

To understand the level of leptin in the body, a blood test for this hormone is taken. For women, indicators of 3.7-11.1 ng/ml are considered the norm (male indicators of the norm are 2.0-5.6), but you can start worrying already at an indicator of 10 and above: such a level of leptin indicates leptin resistance – a decrease in the sensitivity of cells to this important hormone. In simple terms, the brain simply stops “hearing” the signal that there is more than enough fat reserves, and continues to frantically store it. The more fat cells become, the more leptin they produce, and the lower its chance of being perceived by the brain, which will require more and more food. We get fat not because we eat a lot, but on the contrary – we eat more and more, because of disturbances and processes leading to obesity.
In addition, leptin resistance contributes to the development of inflammatory processes, stimulates the adrenal glands to produce stress hormones, and negatively affects most body functions, including fertility. It becomes 99% the starting point for the development of metabolic syndrome, which in turn often leads to type II diabetes. Losing weight without extreme health-related measures in case of leptin resistance is an almost impossible task, the body will do everything to prevent the consumption of fat reserves, because it seems to it that the body is starving.

LeptiSense is meant to balance the amount of leptin within the body. It can help people avoid all the health complications we’ve listed above. And therefore, in this article, we’d like to cover all the details about this product.

LeptiSense: What Is It? What Effects to Expect?

LeptiSense is a plant-origin dietary product for people struggling with being overweight. The dietary aid beneficially influences not only your physical state but also your mental condition by offering the next healthful properties:

  1. LeptiSense controls appetite, reduces food cravings, thus promoting weight loss.
  2. It increases insulin sensitivity.
  3. It prevents type-II diabetes.
  4. The supplement reduces fat accumulation.
  5. LeptiSense improves mood and gives the motivation to work out.
  6. It reduces stress, anxiety, and hypochondria.
  7. The supplement alleviates an inflammatory state.
  8. LeptiSense manages the production of leptin.
  9. It enhances signaling between the brain and fat cells.

Who Should Take the Supplement

People predisposed to leptin resistance and obesity usually experience the next symptoms and conditions:

  • chronic inflammatory processes, especially in the hypothalamus (and here, a vicious circle is clearly visible, because leptin resistance itself contributes to the development of chronic inflammation);
  • high levels of triglycerides in the blood. That is why it is worth regularly taking tests for the lipocomplex, especially if your waist began to become larger – this is one of the main external signs that there is a disorder with leptin;
  • chronic stress and high levels of the hormone cortisol can spoil the body on a large scale, especially by twisting things in the metabolism;
  • insulin resistance. Decreased insulin sensitivity usually goes hand in hand with leptin resistance. And although more often leptin develops earlier, it also happens vice versa. Both are reversible, but if these problems are not dealt with, the forecast is not at all rosy;
  • low estrogen;
  • high blood sugar;
  • a diet rich in trans fats, easily oxidized fats, synthetic additives.

LeptiSense Formula Revealed!

LeptiSense is a combination of organic ingredients mainly. It means you won’t find any genetically modified products, artificial substances, chemicals, stimulants, etc. in the admixture and will not have to deal with severe adverse reactions. Only herbal ingredients, vitamins, and minerals are used!

Components Their Qualities


It supports digestion and helps to build up muscles.


The component manages the production of insulin, increases sensitivity to the pancreatic hormone, and lowers high blood glucose.


It alleviates an inflammatory state in cells, prevents type-II diabetes and obesity.

Carob tree extract

The ingredient reduces appetite, controls sweet carvings, and promotes weight loss.


It enhances the signaling between the brain and fat cells, manages the production of leptin, and supports weight loss.

Where Can I Find It? What About the Price?

There is no chance you can buy LeptiSense in offline stores. Like all dietary supplements, it’s not FDA approved and therefore, can’t be sold in land-based pharmacies. We insist you order the Eyesight Max supplement through the official manufacturer’s website only!

Prices for the product are quite reasonable. Moreover, the company usually offers promotion deals like:

  • a 1-bottle package for almost 45 dollars;
  • a “2+1 for free” option for 89.90 dollars in total;
  • and a “4+2 for free” pack for 179.80 dollars in total.

Keep in mind that there may be an additional shipping fee. Usually, it’s no more than 9-10 dollars across the country. For international deliveries, it may be higher.

Still worry about possible risks? Now, you don’t have to, as the manufacturer offers a 3-month full refund guarantee! You can claim it any moment within 90 days upon the delivery date. But make sure to check the terms and conditions before.

LeptiSense: Dose & Intake

LeptiSense recommended dosage is 2 gelatin-covered capsules on a daily basis. Though there are no time limitations indicated by the manufacturer, personally, we suggest using the dietary product during meals with a glass of water: thus, the supplement will be absorbed better. And of course, it’s quite important not to miss product intakes as it may significantly reduce its effectiveness.

Precautionary Measures

The product is not suitable for underage customers, people with hypersensitivity to the components used in the formula, breastfeeding females, or mothers-to-be. It is also better to consult an attending physician on the supplement’s interactions with other medications (if you are taking any).

LeptiSense: Any Side Effects?

As of the time of writing, there are no adverse effects of LeptiSense found and/or reported. The supplement has been tested, and the formula has undergone a few trials before being put in production. So, you can be sure you are 100% safe using this product!

What Do Consumers Say About the Supplement?

With these pills, hunger is suppressed, and since you want to eat less, then the weight begins to decrease slowly but surely. LeptiSense is suitable for both women and men. It cleans fat receptors, making your body much more efficient at burning excess fat. Recommended use: 1 capsule in the morning and 1 capsule around noon. Never exceed 2 capsules per day. Should not be taken with meals. Take at least 30 minutes before meals and in cycles. The maximum cycle length is 8 weeks, followed by 4 weeks off. Moderate physical activity is indicated for the best effect.

Jayson Deleon, 41.

I recently got confused with the topic of losing weight. I will say right away, my weight was always 54-56 kg with a height of 168 cm, but in the last 5 years, somehow I began to weigh 65-66 kg. I felt that I became heavier, and mood swings became more frequent. I never went on diets. It’s just that sometimes I start to limit myself in food, but I will gain weight not from fatty foods, but from sweets, i.e. fast carbs are my main enemies. And what I want to say is that LeptiSense has helped me in my desire to eat all the time. With the supplement, the feeling of hunger is really dulled.

Carys Mcdougall, 32.

Have been taking LeptiSense for a week. It suppresses appetite, there is no desire to constantly eat something. It boosts energy greatly, there is no loss of strength at all.

Akbar Rudd, 33.

I bought this supplement on the recommendation of a friend, since she lost 20 lbs. So, we can surely speak about LeptiSense effectiveness.

Sameeha Keller, 29.

I bought it on the recommendation of a friend. Indeed, LeptiSense really works! In two weeks, I’ve lost almost 7 pounds. But I also go in for sports a couple of times a week. Still, recommend it!

Lilli Haines, 36.

With LeptiSense, I’ve lost about 25 lbs in 1.5 months. Will continue taking it!

Haroon Ritter, 45.

How to Address Leptin Resistance without LeptiSense

Leptin is a circadian hormone and is dependent on circadian rhythms. And this is perhaps the most important point in working with leptin resistance – the regime is important for leptin, especially when it comes to sleep. It is very important to go to bed before 23:00, and even better before 22. But before 23 it is simply necessary. This is the MAIN rule.

Breakfast should be no later than 30-40 minutes after waking up. Dinner is supposed to be no later than 3.5-4 hours before bedtime.
An hour before bedtime, it is better to avoid bright screens and change the bright light to a calmer and warmer one. It is advisable to curtain the windows with thick curtains. The temperature in the bedroom should be comfortably cool (and the blanket warm).
Intermittent fasting is NOT SUITABLE and is best forgotten until leptin sensitivity is restored. Active sports, hard training are also not suitable, but activity is still needed – walking, swimming, yoga, pilates, jogging, and so on.


Based on the foregoing information, we can conclude that LeptiSense is more than suitable for addressing the issue of leptin resistance and obesity. Many customers are satisfied with how the supplement works and recommend it for weight loss and active fat burning. Other advantages are as follows:


  • LeptiSense controls appetite, reduces food cravings, thus promoting weight loss.
  • It increases insulin sensitivity.
  • It prevents type-II diabetes.
  • The supplement reduces fat accumulation.
  • LeptiSense improves mood and gives the motivation to work out.
  • It reduces stress, anxiety, and hypochondria.
  • The supplement alleviates an inflammatory state.
  • LeptiSense manages the production of leptin.
  • It enhances signaling between the brain and fat cells.
  • International delivery is available.
  • There are 3 package options to choose from.


  • LeptiSense is not an FDA-approved product.


LeptiSense Reviews: Lbs Loss with Proper Endocrine Profile

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