Natural sleep aids and gadgets

There are two types of sleep gadgets: some help you fall asleep and wake up better, others monitor the parameters of sleep itself. Based on the data obtained with the help of gadgets, it is possible to adjust the daily routine, make sleep healthier and better, record frequent awakenings and, for example, snoring.

Gadgets can look different: in the form of bracelets, smart watches, masks and blankets. Regardless of their shape, all gadgets solve one task: they help to make sleep healthy and of high quality.
Gadgets will make sleep healthier and better

Why you need to consult a doctor before buying

If a person has serious sleep problems, such as insomnia, one gadget is unlikely to fix something.

To get high-quality care, you need to consult a doctor. He will tell you how to cope with the problem, and will advise which gadget to choose.
You definitely can’t do without a visit to the doctor

To track sleep parameters

Modern tracker bracelets and smart watches collect information about sleep and how a person behaves when he sleeps. Gadgets record how a person moves in bed and how his pulse changes. Then, based on these data, they analyze the quality of sleep and leave recommendations: when is it better to go to bed and what should not be done at night.

The gadget usually sends sleep data and its recommendations to a mobile application that syncs with a fitness bracelet. The data is saved, so you can view the dynamics at any time.

To wake up at the first signal

Sleep trackers and smart watches have a “smart alarm clock” function. According to the movement and pulse indicators, the devices calculate in which phase of sleep a person is in order to wake him up at the appropriate time.

In the period between slow and fast sleep, the brain already has time to rest, the heart begins to beat more often and the body is ready for wakefulness and active actions. Waking up at this time is as comfortable as possible — you will quickly get out of bed and feel cheerful.

Please note that not all tracker bracelets have the “smart alarm clock” function working by default. It often needs to be configured independently.

There is another gadget that makes it easier to wake up: a light alarm clock. It is natural for a person to wake up in the morning from light, and not from sound or vibration. However, the daily routine and artificial lighting in the city rarely allow you to wake up at dawn. Light alarm clocks “deceive” the body — they simulate sunrises and sunsets. On such gadgets, you can manually adjust the time when the sun will “rise” in the room, as well as the desired parameters of its brightness. Such alarm clocks also have different melodies: birds singing, the noise of the forest, the hum of sea waves and other sounds that are pleasant to fall asleep and wake up to.

To fall asleep even in the light

The quality of sleep is affected by the production of a special hormone – melatonin. This happens at night when it gets dark. Natural and artificial light disrupts this process, which is why many people have insomnia in this case. So that the light does not interfere with the production of melatonin and sleep well, special masks are used.

There are two types of sleep masks: ordinary fabric and modern, with electronics.

Fabric blocks light well and helps you fall asleep in almost any light. They don’t have any smart functions — they just don’t let in the light from the included household appliances and lanterns outside the window.

Modern masks with electronics block light, analyze sleep phases and wake up at a comfortable time, turn on calm music, nature sounds or create absolute silence and block external sounds.

Some masks also put a little pressure on the eyes and thus send a signal to the brain that it’s time to sleep. Complete darkness, which is provided by sleep masks, relaxes and helps to tune in to rest.

To make the bed as comfortable as possible

Even pillows and blankets can be “pumped” to sleep better and wake up easier.

Some pillows are equipped with cooling pads, on which it is pleasant to sleep in hot weather. There are variants with memory effect: they repeat the outlines of the body at every moment of sleep, so the head seems to float in the air — it’s very pleasant.

Some blankets heat the air themselves to maintain an optimal temperature. In order for the blanket to work, you need to plug it into an outlet. After that, the current passes through the carbon fiber wires and heats the entire canvas.

What you need to remember

  • Sleep trackers and smartwatches collect sleep data, make recommendations, and wake you up at the appropriate time between the slow and fast phases.
  • Sleep masks are common and with electronics. The first ones help you fall asleep in any light, and masks with electronics calculate sleep phases and wake you up with a pleasant melody.
  • Light alarm clocks turn on the light of the desired brightness and at a certain time. With their help, it is much easier to fall asleep and more comfortable to wake up.
  • Some pillows are equipped with cooling pads, which are especially relevant in hot weather. For electric blankets, you can set a certain temperature — it will be comfortable in all weather conditions.
  • To combat snoring, clips, mouth guards and other devices are suitable — they will help you sleep better, not only you, but also your whole family.
  • If there are serious problems with sleep, the gadget is unlikely to fix something. To get high-quality care, you need to consult a doctor.
Natural sleep aids and gadgets

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